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Special Services


The company operates hotels for third party investors and lenders, and is actively pursuing additional acquisitions and managements contracts. P3 International LLC is also involved with lenders in preparing workout evaluation and acting in the capacity or receiver. Over the past several years, P3 International LLC has worked for receivers for hotel properties and has performed hotel management, workouts, and evaluated hotel properties for financial institutions. Additional responsibilities have included negotiating franchise agreements and assisting lenders.


P3 International LLC assist the receiver and has extensive experience serving in this capacity.


P3 International LLC will provide a comprehensive list of documents required to effectively operate the property. Such documents include franchise agreements permits, leases, licenses and inspection reposts – and if necessary, P3 International LLC can help assist in obtaining those documents.


P3 International LLC will work with the franchisor to ensure that any required repairs are completed in a timely manner. HAP will also negotiate settlement of any outstanding issues with the franchisor.


Life safety will be addressed first. Following that, an assessment of repairs needed to meet the minimum Franchise requirements will be made. Finally, repairs will be made that would directly improve sales.


P3 International LLC can assemble a driven, qualified team to oversee the property, evaluate the product, develop a plan for better profitability, and assess life safety – and will secure all assets.



P3 International LLC management is perceptive to lenders’ and servicers’ liability concerns and is familiar with what needs to be achieved in positions of negotiated handovers, foreclosure, bankruptcy and deed-in-lieu


P3 International LLC qualified takeover team can be on-site at the location within 24 hours of receiving the assignment. An extensive step-by-step takeover plan is then prepared, conveying HAP program of acquiring the asset.


Our takeover process is implemented with the least possible disruption of daily operations. P3 International LLC will make certain that the property is in compliance with any governmental regulation that may give rise to possible liability.


Within two weeks of a takeover, a written property status report will be provided in addition to monthly financial reports, and long-term strategy for the property.


P3 International LLC management an coordinate centralized accounting offsite, which is more economical and allows for better security and control. Special Servicers can obtain the property’s financial statements online and provide an accounting in the manner required by the Pooling Servicing Agreement.