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P3 International LLC was founded by with nearly thirty years of experience in high-end construction and development because there was a need for private developers to partner with state and local government to deliver extremely needed public facilities. This "public/private partnership" concept enables public agencies to enjoy some of the benefits of private sector development, including guaranteed design and construction costs, quality control and rapid delivery. P3 International LLC soon became leading innovators of the lease/leaseback delivery method for schools and other public facilities. As these methods became more popular among public agencies, P3 International LLC remained at the forefront by offering its clients something traditional construction companies can't: multiple public and private financing options and a sharing of the project risk through Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contracts.


The most important tool any development team can bring to project is the skill and experience of its people. The P3 International LLC team has over 100 years of combined experience in successful public/private partnerships using the full range of "at risk" delivery methods such as design/build/finance development, lease/lease-back development, build-to-suit development and program management, as well as traditional construction management and consulting services. The P3 International LLC team serves public sector clients such as states, counties, cities, school districts, universities, colleges and medical centers. P3 International LLC understands the legal and regulatory landscape affecting its clients and has demonstrated its ability to perform on-time and within budget. P3 International LLC employs only the finest, architects, contractors and financial consultants to meet the unique needs of its clients. Click here to view the 'projects' section of the website for more information about these and other jobs.


P3 International LLC is a leading innovator of the lease/leaseback method of school construction and delivery, as well as public/private partnerships with cities, counties and other public agencies. Through these methods, P3 International LLC has delivered countless schools throughout California and other public use facilities such as city halls, health care facilities, government office buildings, sport arenas, gymnasiums, ballparks, auditoriums and convention facilities. P3 International LLC provides full turnkey development to public sector clients, from land acquisition through programming, design and construction, with all the advantages available to a private sector developer. P3 International LLC's long term relationships with financial partners provide its clients with the option of private financing on terms that allow for greater flexibility and rapid delivery.


P3 International LLC approaches each project as an owner because it views each project as a partnership with its client. Unlike other firms, P3 International shares in the project risk by providing a guaranteed maximum price and a contracted construction schedule. P3 International LLC works closely with its client at all stages of the development so that progress can be easily monitored and success readily determined. P3 International LLC is proud of its on-time, within budget record, but never loses site of the fact that the quality of its work is what brings clients back. Click here to view the 'clients' section of the website.